St. Louis

Bio: Greetin's, cretins, this is Køpper. Once upon a time I was a REAL radio DJ at community stations like KYMC in Ballwin, MO (circa 1984–1989) and KDHX in St. Louis, MO (1995–2006). I even had a short tenure as a commercial radio DJ at a Top 40 station in Bumfuck, Missouri that I did for as long as I could stand it—just 11 months—and then moved to a college town to work at a record store (much more my speed). My garage-rock show "The Wayback Machine" on KDHX was one of only a dozen or so shows like it that existed for more than a decade and that played a continuous stream of wild & primitive rock'n'roll at upwards of 50,000 watts (and streamed on the Internet, too). That radio show gave birth to my website, GaragePunk.com, which I maintained from 2001 (the "GaragePunk Forums" message board) until I sold it in 2015 (as the "GaragePunk Hideout"). I started the GaragePunk Pirate Radio podcast network in August 2005 and still run it today, albeit under a new name, Radio Mutation. I'm a fairly simple aging punk/rock'n'roll Weird-Oh and SubGenius Slackmaster who loves B-movies, beer, baseball (Go Cards!), and the great outdoors. I'm also a husband and a father of two boys, one with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Life is good.

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